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TheHome Installation Standard. This service will be organised with the end customer after a successful home check and can be organised within 2 weeks or at a later date agreed with the customer. All materials for the installation service will be shipped directly to the end customer prior to the home installation.

Pre-requisites for a Standard Home Installation:

  • Installation of the domestic wiring according to the minimal standards required by local authorities including consumer units and earthing bonds and has no requirements for electrical remedial works.
  • Distribution Board/Consumer Unit is easily accessible, has enough working space in and around it to receive the new cable run.
  • Distribution Board/Consumer Unit has a spare “way” (RCB/Breaker/Circuit) • One main fuse is required and will be installed.
  • Cable can be routed easily from charger location to consumer board
  • Maximum two holes drilled from an outside wall and no internal structure modifications required -customer must agree to this.
  • Consumer unit is within 10 metres of EV-Charger installation site
  • No under floor work is required
  • No work at height is required –e.g. normal ceiling high of 3m not crossed.
  • No ground work is required
  • No hidden or structural locations
  • No part of the installation is affected by wet areas or areas where a high level of ground water might be present
  • Cable can be surface mounted along the entire length of the cable run
  • Charger installation location is physically part of the same building as the consumer unit Charger installation location is unobstructed, and the charger can be mounted to predefined (by law) heights
  • No redecoration will be required once installation is complete
  • Customer must be available for installation
  • Installation to be between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Max 5 hours of work
  • Installation site is free from vegetation and other possible obstructions

The materials and service below are what are included as part of the Standard Home Installation service:


  • Chosen EV Charger
  • 15m of correct sized cable depending on kW of EV Charger
  • 10m Cable Channel for inside of house
  • LS switch 4 pole K20A


  • Drilling of mounting holes in the wall or mounting strata. (4 holes and insert 4 plugs, Screw back plate to wall).
  • Max 5 hours of work
  • Functional Testing of RCD
  • Teaching customer how to use EV Charger and what each of the LCD lights means.
  • Hotline numbers for service.

TheHome Installation Non-Standard as the Standard,However, all additional labour and material have to be specified in the home-check which are on top of the standard installation, only this amount of additional labour and material will be added to the invoice.